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Pizza, coffee, Will Carver’s Good Samaritans – must be Italy

Inspired to purchasing Will Carver’s Good Samaritans after being introduced to him briefly in a bar at the Bloody Scotland literary event in Stirling, Scotland (he seemed so nice), I picked this up at Heathrow Terminal 5 on route to Milan.

Note: That sound so glamorous – I’m from Lancashire – it is.

I was actually flying to Italy as part of press trip for a travel review for the i newspaper ( due out Jan 19) but barely remember the flight there or back as my head was firmly in Good Samaritans.

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I read a lot of crime but this was different, a truly shocking concept which plays with the idea that everybody has a good, bad and vulnerable side – and it’s not obvious from the outside.

Gripping from the start and truly terrifying, I was genuinely grateful for the quiet and unsociable couple staring into each other’s eyes next to me – their quiet presence was required.

Please note I’m no scaredy cat but a newpaper editor and former crime reporter who thinks she’s heard it all – this was still unnerving.

I literally jumped out of my skin when the air stewardess asked me if I wanted a coffee.

This is not a story for the faint- hearted.

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It’s bloody, it’s grim and you will never see bleach or bubble-wrap in the same way again.

But that’s not why this story is so good.

This is true horror- movie surprising, it’s turns your expectations and assumptions on their head making for a twisty, turning, story that makes you question your assumptions about innate good and bad in all of us.

I’m not telling you the story – buy the book for that – just make sure you are not home alone.

Or at least turn your phone off.

This is an absolute recommend from me for crime or suspense lovers – perhaps not if you like your novels safe..

Good Samaritans by Will Carver

INFO: You can buy Good Samaritans at all good book shops or via Amazon HERE


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