Review: The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

I recently came across this gem on a friend’s bookshelf.

Originally published in Sweden in 2003 as Isprinsessan, it was translated in 2009 by Steven T. Murray to acclaim and sparked a series.

Moody and charged with emotion, this is a suspenseful tale of mystery and untold dark secrets that start rising to the surface following the grisly death of a beautiful but mysterious woman in a small Scandinavian seaside town.

Now there is nothing I love more than a complicated female protaganist and Erica Falck is that.  When the writer  returns to her home town following the death of her parents it is she that discovers the body of  the woman-  her former childhood best friend Alex – and a sleuth is born.

Her desire to find the truth  becomes an addiction through which she finds love, passion and uncovers hatred and twists you do not see coming. Erica is undeniably imperfect and flawed which makes her easy to identify with and as a result the reader is sucked right into her journey.

The Scandinavian flavour and snowy setting to the story adds a chill to the tale which makes this mystery impossible to put down. I’ll be looking out the rest of the series.