The Green Viper by Rob Sinclair: Does this fast-moving espionage thriller hit the spot?

The Green Viper by Rob Sinclair, A James Ryker thriller

James Ryker is back, he’s off the books and The Green Viper sees him heading to the big apple for a fast and furious introduction to the criminal underworld –  in the name of loyalty for his dead boss.

He may be a trained killer and former Intelligence agent but Ryker has a habit of letting his emotions lead his instincts astray and it’s that which makes him human and essentially likeable despite the trail of death he leaves in his wake.

So after receiving a cryptic message on a coded phone, he’s off to the New York where it all goes a bit pear-shaped when he finds himself sandwiched between the FBI and the complicated narcotics underworld – and no-one has his back.

Fortunately, he has a tricky knack for putting others on the back foot as he bounces from the pursuer to the pursued.

Green Viper is the fourth in the Ryker series of espionage thrillers by author Rob Sinclair, who has an uncanny skill of leaving you on the edge of your seat as you cheerlead a character who is essentially an assassin, through a maelstrom of impossible situations.

Undoubtedly his own worst enemy and with a healthy disrespect for authority, Ryker is the sort of flawed hero you can’t help rooting for, and his exploits ensure Green Viper is the sort of page turner you want to try and digest in one sitting.

There is a breathlessness to this particular instalment and the story undoubtedly draws you in as Ryker dives headfirst in New York’s murkiest corners, the action moving rapidly across a city the author clearly knows quite well with a bloody assuredness.

A tense, thrilling, escapade which keeps you guessing until the very end.


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Rob Sinclair author; The Green Viper
Author Rob Sinclair

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