LLO: A blog less ordinary

Who is the Lady Less Ordinary?

Older, wiser and considerably better dressed, most of the time.

My name is Nicola and it’s just lovely to meet you.

I’m a regional newspaper editor, journalist and columnist based in the fabulous north of England with a serious case of wanderlust, a love of style, a passion for books and writing, an interest in health and wellbeing and a desire to create a blog for women in their 30s, 40s, and beyond who just want a little more out of life despite the obstacles we face every day – our own little slice of extraordinary.

I have travelled widely both as a journalist and of my own accord so will be continuing to share my travels, some of which is with organised press trips ( I’ll tag them as such) and private trips.

You’ll only ever get my honest opinion, I will never recommend or be dishonest about anything I review and if it’s really bad I’ll say so.

I prefer my travel luxe and my hotels higher end these days – my former backpacking days are over though I don’t always do five star (who can?)

Away from my day job in the more serious end of journalism,  I’ve been reviewing theatre and shows for many years than I care to mention. Often these are through invitations to press and red carpet nights but reviews are just that and will never be misleading.

Some of the pieces in this blog will have appeared in a variety of newspaper titles in Johnston Press titles across the UK and if so, I’ll provide a link to the original.

I take and use all my own pictures  with the exception of theatre production shots and the odd PR travel shot (though I try and avoid those and they will be captioned as such).

In the column section, which features my weekly column which appears across a number of publications with links to originals, I may use stock images.

I also have a relatively new weekly radio show and plan to introduce radio diaries as I get to grips with running a radio desk and developing as a presenter.

I’m no insta-model but I love style and home so I will be introducing both in the next few months and though my tastes run to the luxury, I also love vintage styles and a second hand bargain.

If a product is being promoted, I’ll say so, but I will never promote anything I would not use myself and my focus is on great, quality and meaningful content for women, who may have had life thrown at them, but are ambitious in their life and dreams.

I’ll also be introducing the Less Ordinary Podcast where I’ll be talking to lots of fascinating women about the things that make women extraordinary every single day and the challenges we face as we grow older. No-one stays 23 forever, even on Instagram 😉

As well as book reviews, I’ll be talking about my writing as I am a future bestselling novelist – one can dream – and budding scriptwriter and would love to meet my fellow writers out there.

We may have a little life under our belts but we deserve more and need to chase those dreams and aspirations amid the reality of every day life.

I look forward to meeting you! Nx