Column: Summer of discontent

 Euro Ref. Euros. Yawn Euro Ref. Euros. Yawn

It may just be me but I’m struggling to garner much enthusiasm for the three biggest talking points of summer – the EU Referendum, Euro 2016 and the upcoming Olympics.

Somehow all of these highly significant and should-be exciting events feel underwhelming, perhaps because the buzz surrounding these is all so unfailingly negative.

By the time you read this you will probably have cast your vote in the EU ref, a decision potentially made by throwing a dice, having a snail race, or asking your children to make tea and then seeing who sets fire to the kitchen first.

Information and misinformation surrounding the whole debate has been so utterly confusing, many voters may not leave the sofa – not a great decision as the future of the nation depends on it but understandable.

If you don’t have a functioning crystal ball it is pretty much impossible to know which future is best for our children, based on the ‘facts’ delivered in so gloom and doom a fashion from both Leave and Remain camps.

It pretty much says it all that the campaigns hope to sway us by proffering our favourite celebrities as influencers.

Because good ball kicking and acting qualify them as wise on the subject of Europe, obviously.

I am quite surprised they haven’t been offering free lollipops in exchange for votes.

That would probably work, if it was allowed.

Then Euro 16.

I am no football fan but I do traditionally make an exception for the Euros where I try at the very least to watch England, learn the name of the players and invest £1 in the work sweepstake.

But after picking out Germany (go, Germany..) I have found the whole event so far pretty flat.

The whole violence rhetoric is very off-putting and I went to watch a game in the pub it was half full.


There are not even any half decent WAG antics.

And it is the Olympics this year, in case you didn’t realise.

So little glee has been expressed, it is completely realistic that many people don’t.

Unless you are worried about the horrifying Zika virus.

Maybe this summer I’ll just read a good book.

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