Review: The Red Cobra by Rob Sinclair

Carl Logan is back but this time his new name is James Ryker and he’s escaped a life of mayhem and murder to hole up in an idyllic ocean-side love nest with the woman he fought so hard for – Angela Grainger.

This is far too good to be true of course and lethal investigator James Ryker, no longer a card-carrying Joint Intelligence Agency man, is tracked down by his former boss after a digital security breach means they need his help.

Despite his self-inflicted isolation with his love,  he finds himself itching to be back in the action even if he has to leave Angela (now known as Lisa) and track down another beautiful woman, albeit a deadly former lover and assassin called The Red Cobra.

This is Rob Sinclair at his best and returning to his most well known character from the Enemy series in this latest thriller, but with a twist as Ryker changes his name, priorities and battles his demons as he travels to Spain to unravel a complicated murder through a web of deceit, lies, corruption and mafia.

Once again what makes Sinclair’s characters stand out is their human flaws and vulnerabilities.

Tough Ryker himself is no Teflon James Bond and doesn’t always roll with the punches but always comes back fighting, despite being clearly damaged.

Despite being a trained killer, the years have softened him, but made him a laser-like judge of character allowing him to pursue his targets relentlessly while trusting nobody.

Full of guilt for leaving Lisa, he is also torn about his motives in pursuing the enigmatic Red Cobra.

And is all as it seems back in his romantic idyll?

A fast-paced, highly enjoyable thriller, with unpredictable twists and turns as it races round the world.

Some great detail in the descriptions of the Andalusian region of Spain and of Germany which set the scene for highly-charged espionage action amid the familiarity of day to day life and locations.

Unputdownable as ever.

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