Radio diaries: Coming in your ears

If I had a bucket list for life, I’m pretty sure that I would be adding a great fat tick this week.

About something years after I tortured my family on an interminable journey to Cornwall and back with my own personal radio station, including made-up news, strangled pop songs, inventive advertising jingles for chocolate and an interview with my baffled younger brother (he couldn’t get away, he was strapped in), I have finally got my own radio show -a real one.

On an actual broadcasting station.

So cool.

Admittedly, its not my first time talking on the radio. I have a short slot on the local BBC every week and have waffled on many local and national stations about newspapers and headlines.

However, all I had to do was talk, or occasionally put headphones on in a studio.

Now I get to actually press buttons!

I’m going to do my own show on community station 102.8 Chorley FM no less, so I also to get to say, in the style of Phoenix Nights, I will be ‘coming in your ears’ – not I might add, that they have ever heard that one before or desire to hear it ever again.

But at least I’ve got it out the way.

And to answer your question, yes,it is a real station not just the fictional creation of Dave Spikey and Peter Kay.

So I’ve gone live once so far with admittedly limited success.

The station crashed briefly due to IT issues before I even started (not my fault, honest.)

My intro piece went well, but then I accidentally played a song over myself talking and I got ridiculously nervous when another presenter walked in the studio – being watched is so much harder than being heard.

I have so much to learn and one day Barbara my lovely expert guide will not be by my side and I will have to go alone with all the screens, flashy lights , beeps and content choices.

How terrifying. I am still living with the fear that, like worrying you have a face for only radio, I may have a voice only for newspapers.

But the next few weeks will allow me to find that out once and for all and I plan to enjoy the adventure.

And the good news is, that unlike my childish self, I will not be singing the songs.

Nicola is on Chorley 102.8 FM on Sundays from 9am until noon.



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