Column: Are odds forever in your favour?


 Are you a winner? Picture courtesy and copyright Camelot
Are you a winner? Picture courtesy and copyright Camelot


Could it be you?

Well probably not.

Let’s face it, our chances of winning the lottery are about the same as Donald Trump being, actually, quite a nice man or a politician giving you a potentially off-message but straight answer to a perfectly acceptable question.

Or pigs flying.

But hope and dreams are eternal and it is exactly those the National Lottery machine feeds off.

Reality is, our odds of getting a nasty disease are much more reasonable than winning and nobody wants that.

Nonetheless, as the news breaks here in the newsroom that a local winner scooped £1m two weeks ago, and it remains unclaimed, no pocket remains un-rifled for winning tickets and the recently published web story has shot up the chart to out perform all breaking news (murder, death, disaster,celebrity eating sandwich) as the people of Lancashire scour the piece eagerly for details.

No matter what your personal situation – unless you are Victoria Beckham or Prince William – £1m is a life changing amount of money and probably the right amount to transform a life (buy a house, a car, a holiday) at the very least.

Nobody in their right mind would turn that away but I think we all know that nothing comes for free and with winning a lot comes a lot of issues.

If you have sailed free through the rocky waters of jealousy from friends and family, many of whom will be wanting a share , and bought a security guard to ward off the beggars you may be OK.

But when you have enjoyed a dream holiday, decorated the mansion and launched the yacht, what next?

This is where some dreams come a cropper as new lifestyles and old lifestyles clash.

Money cannot make everything better and and you simply cannot buy happiness no matter how much you spend.

This has been amply demonstrated by the car crash stories of multiple lottery winners, some ending up divorced, penniless and in big trouble.

But if you can take presence of mind with you on the lottery journey, the odds may be forever in your favour.

Personally I’d rather earn my money.

But I’ll still be buying tickets.

It could still be me.

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