LLO Podcast: Gemma Dee Ray chats about life, happiness and Self Discipline (part 1)

It was both a reunion and a counselling session when I invited Gemma Dee Ray to my Chorley FM show to chat about her Amazon chart-busting bestseller Self Discipline.

We hadn’t seen each other for YEARS when we both took part in a charity theatre production (I can’t act, this confirmed, she can) and a lot of life has happened in between.

She has a son, I jettisoned a fiance, she’s renovating a farmhouse, I lost two stone then put it back on again, her hair’s always curly now ….. you know. LIFE!

In a weird reversal, I was a newspaper journalist and writer (I still am, mind) and she was a breakfast radio host – now I was presenting a radio show and she has written a book. Again, LIFE!

So she advised how to inject some routine and organisation into my life and reminded to me to put the faders up and down, we had a great time.

It would have been even better with wine but the bosses are pretty strict at Chorley FM.

Anyway, there was plenty of laughter and advice given and we had a ball recording this .

It’s been split into two parts and this is the first.

There’s giggling…


Self Discipline by Gemma Dee Ray

BUY ONE: You can grab yourself a copy of Self Discipline by Gemma Ray HERE (it’s also available as an audio book)

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