BBC Radio Lancashire: I’m going back on air!

Gemma (left) and I outside BBC Radio Lancs. Thanks to Blake Ray for taking pic

Update: The show will be 4pm to 6pm Sundays from August 18 – you can also catch up with it via BBC Radio Lancashire on the BBC Sounds app.

Just when you thought the Jabbering out loud had stopped – I’m back!

The cat is finally out of the proverbial bag (I find it very hard keeping secrets) and I can confirm I’m co-hosting a new show on BBC Radio Lancashire with my long-time friend and radio veteran Gemma Ray – who you may well know as Gemma Dee, formerly of Rock FM’s breakfast show fame.

Not to mention the odd panto and from recent publicity for her debut as author, mind you.

She’s a busy lady.

We start mid-August (details to follow) and we intend to wake everyone up from their late Sunday afternoon stupor with a mixture of fabulous music, upbeat chat, searing honesty (you were warned), intelligent (and less intelligent) chat and inspiring guests with a bookish, creative, twist.

Expect to be cheered up.

We have yet to decide on a name for the show so all suggestions on a postcard please, we may put this to a poll.

(Loose Women is taken, thanks everybody I know)

Safe to say I am very nervous.

You have to bear in mind I am the woman who took two left-foot trainers to Race For Life last week and also managed to get locked out of her own house after the Kylie concert (thanks for the sofa to my long-suffering friend) and now I’ll be in charge of important buttons and speaking.

The BBC is very brave.

Obviously the day job (all times of day may apply) is still my main focus and the business of news, newspapers and websites will of course go on as usual, as well as this here column and everything else.

But I’d massively appreciate all your support in this new venture, as although Gemma and I could probably talk amongst ourselves for hours, I’m not sure the Beeb look quite so favourably on two woman taking up one of their studios to do so.

It seems fair to say a big thank you to community station Chorley FM which inspired my interest in radio by letting me loose on air and to Gemma who has assured me I CAN actually do this when I doubted myself.

Now the important business of working out which nearest quality coffee establishments are open on a Sunday afternoon can go ahead, plus the mechanics of which buttons to press.

I just need to avoid eject…

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