Book review: Me before you by JoJo Moyes

There are many things I should have done this afternoon.

Mowed the lawn.

Cleaned the house.

Done some form of exercise.

Found nutrition other than crisps.

Or even worked on edits of my un-flourishing novel.

Instead I picked up Me before you, sat on my bed and climbed on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Now I am writing this and sobbing although quite why I won’t reveal – I’m not one for spoilers.

But needless to say – the feels..

This novel tackles difficult subject matter, terrifying but matter of fact real life decisions.

Ultimately it portrays how a single traumatic moment can send life spinning out of control from its intended path – in this case two damaged lives – those of Loud Clarke and Will Traynor.

When their paths meet everything is thrown up in the air and nothing is clear.

Their worlds collide bumpily and they help each other build bridges but nothing can prepare you for the emotional highs and lows.

This is a story of love but not a love story, of family, of tragedy, but mainly of life.

Unsurprisingly this as been made into a film and due to be released next month so pick up a copy soon without finding the story out beforehand.

Make sure you keep some tissues close at hand.

Me before you is on sale at all good bookshops and as an e-book.