Column: Healthy living (not)

 My good intentions look like this.. Pic by me
My good intentions look like this.. Pic by @jabberingjourno

I write this column all the way back in 2007 but I thought you’d like it. I want to say I’ve massively changed.. but as I launch this new blog – 11 years later – it’s a reminder of how I need to spend more time on my wellbeing. So here you go..

A day in the life of Nicola Adam, journalist, modern woman and inspirational healthy living entrepreneur…

5.45am: Alarm goes off. Vow to get up immediately, have nice healthy stretch and eat power breakfast comprising wholesome grains and pulses with low fat milk.

5.46am: Go back to sleep.

6am: Alarm goes off again. Make same vow but without muscle-awakening stretch due to time constraints.

6.01am: Go back to sleep.

6.15am: Alarm goes off again. Leap out of bed then have to sit down quickly as heart rate through the roof due to panic.

6.20am: Go to bathroom, get dressed at speed of light, forgo ironing and other uneccesary grooming rituals in favour of getting to kitchen for wholesome breakfast.

6.30am: Arrive in kitchen, realise no time for wholesome cereal and vow to have wholesome lunch instead. Eat chocolate muffin if available or go without.

7am: Arrive work, vow to drink healthy water all day.

7.05am: Visit coffee machine for caffeine hit, as cannot wake up as missed invigorating stretch and wholesome breakfast.

8am/9am/10am: Time is blur with newspaper deadlines only interrupted by multi cups of strong machine-brewed coffee. At least has healthy water in it somewhere.

11.30am: Vow to make healthy lunchtime walk to nearby shop and buy healthy salad with fresh green leaves.

12.30pm: Vow to drive to shop for healthy salad instead.

1.30pm: No time for shop, visit canteen where vow to have healthy potato with salad.

1.45pm: Arrive back at desk with large chips and gravy washed down by canteen coffee. Vow to have healthy salad tomorrow, visit gym later to work off empty carbohydrates.

2pm/3pm/4pm: Drink plenty of healthy water in form of being inside coffee. Vow to drink lots of healthy water on its own at gym.

5pm: Vow must leave work, need to go to gym.

5.05pm: Have coffee.

5.30pm: Sit in car in car park.

5.35pm: Ponder being tired but vow to go to gym anyway.

5.40pm: Remind myself I feel quite hungry, ruminate if should give gym a miss.

5.45pm: Calculate calories in chips and gravy.

5.46pm: Calculate amount of money wasted on pointless gym membership.

5.47pm: Calculate astonishing number of miles gym kit has travelled since placed in boot.

5.48pm: Vow to go to gym.

5.50pm: Start car.

6.20pm: Arrive home.

6.30pm: Vow to visit gym tomorrow and make healthy tea.

7pm: Eat microwave meal. Throw mouldering healthy salad from fridge into bin.

7.05pm: Watch telly. Feel inspired by multi makeover programmes to make fresh healthy start. Vow to drink healthy water till bedtime.

7.30pm: Have cup of tea.

10pm: Go to bed.

5.45pm: Alarm goes off.

Column can be viewed at Wigan Evening Post HERE