Column: Everyday sexism

 Nicola Adam. Pic copyright @jabberingjourno

Let us just get this out the way. Casual sexism is not a thing.

It is just sexism, plain and simple.

Described in the dictionary as ‘prejudice or discrimination based on sex’ – it boils down to stereotyping women or men, assuming they can or cannot due to gender and reinforcing that through actions, remarks, the written word and yes, tweets.

There is a basic understanding in this that men and women are different in crucial ways (if unsure please ask your mum or dad) but this is not an excuse to belittle, exclude or mock.

Something that has been picked up as a social media trend in recent weeks, mainly inspired by the Women’s World Cup.

Unfortunate England own goals aside, this tournament and the timing of has forced a remarkable turnaround in attitudes about women in sport this year.

It has enabled the debate and suddenly those in public positions are being picked up about remarks that many women may not even have flinched at, so entrenched is sexism in our society.

FIFA itself did not cover itself in glory during the cup.

At one point their official tweet account pointed out a player (Alex Morgan) was ‘A talented goalscorer with a style that is very easy on the eye and good looks to match.’

Well, that’s all that matters in sport, right?

Meanwhile, an ESPN commentator , discussing the match betweenNorway and Germany , remarked that a goal went through because the German defenders ‘might not have wanted to mess their hair’ – something I have never heard discussed about Steven Gerrard.

And let us not forget the FA whose tweet caused uproar before it was rapidly deleted.

The England Lionesses, it stated on the culmination of the tournament, were ‘ going back to being mothers, partners and daughters’ after World Cup’.

Well that has put them in their place then.

No matter they are the most successful England team since 1990 – arguably more successful as they came third after their semi-final defeat in comparison to the 1990 fourth position.

As long as they are someone’s mum.

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