Book review: Dance with the enemy by Rob Sinclair


 Author Rob Sinclair
Author Rob Sinclair


There is nothing more strangely compelling than a killer with heart and Carl Logan is just that.

Operating on the edges of society, of organised crime fighting and only at just the right side of the intelligence agencies, he is a flawed British hero with surprising vulnerability.

In Logan, author Rob Sinclair has created a character who is broken yet determined, a less poised James Bond who is very shaken, very stirred and has considerably less luck with the ladies.

This is a tense thriller with the twists , turns and surprised to be expected from its genre and mired in the complex machinations between agencies and politicians at both sides of the pond.

No longer the killing machine he once was, battling trauma and loss, Logan is single minded on his mission to find his nemesis, throwing caution to the wind and breaking his own rules to do so.

With a senior US politician kidnapped, Logan knows who is behind it and leaves trail of destruction in his wake.

Not mindless destruction though, a chink of light which exposes the man behind the bloodshed and makes the hero of this plot likeable against the odds.

What marks out Dancing with the enemy is not the non-stop action, the political backdrop or the impossible-to-guess plot, but the emotional intensity of Logan’s loneliness.

When he joins forces with FBI operative Angela Grainger, sparks fly but everything is not quite as it seems. This book keeps you guessing right until the end. A compelling read.

Read and reviewed by Nicola Kristine Adam 

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