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Write Reject Repeat | My dear wordsmiths,

I start every Write Reject Repeat newsletter that way and what follows is a chatty weekly email with the latest news from me, including what my almost-pet pheasant is up to, how many new lambs have been born behind the barn and ramblings from the shire. Of course the newsletter is actually aimed at writers and journalists and mainly includes Q&As with fabulous authors and journalists, chat about writing, plus the latest news and opportunities.

If you are a journalist looking for tips and opportunities plus an insight into newsroom life, or an author looking for inspiration and tips from starting. novel to publication and beyond, you will enjoy it. I’d love to meet you over there.

You can sign up to Write Reject Repeat here

It’s entirely free (just tick no pledge) and I would love you to join the community over there. You can also access the back catalogue of chats with some fabulous people.

Over at Substack you’ll hear from behind the scenes at the BOOKY podcast, which I host, and from day job at National World PLC where I am Editor in chief for the north.

Every week you can expect useful advice, interviews and Q&As with writers of all descriptions and lots of advice. I also share opportunities from across the UK and further afield in. journalism and for authors looking for ways to shine, plus plenty of events and news.

See you there! N x

p.s and don’t forget Booky!

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