Review: ‘I swear’ Tom Stade at Preston Guild Hall



If you are expecting this review to be a blow by blow account of Tom Stade’s latest show, you’ll be disappointed.

Firstly because if I did that there would be no point even going and secondly because  I want to avoid the torrent of complaints at the content of a show not intended for the faint of heart.

It’s called ‘I swear’ so you cannot claim you have not been duly warned that he is up to no good.

Our Tom, and he is our Tom since he ditched his native Canada for the UK after all, pulls no punches in this sharp as a knife, observational, set characterised by a streak of mischief that you simply cannot help but giggle along with.

No subject or colourful language is off limit for Tom.

He tackles age, sex, cars and the shortcomings of the city as well as discussing terrorism and Saudi Arabia ( yes he goes there..) all on a night he claims is his wedding anniversary.

Apparently he treated his lovely lady to a Travelodge in central Preston.

Audience participation and thinking on his feet is key to the show and he uses several poor unfortunates from young to old to illustrate his take on social media and the shortcomings of marriage.

The audience was giggling and cringing into their seats equally while he analysed the highs and lows of modern life with family and children with his hilariously potty mouth.

Make sure you catch his tour if you can withstand the smut and political incorrectness – he is hilarious.

Just sit at the back.

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