Oh, how we laughed

 I blame Trump I blame Trump

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does.

Still reeling from the reality that one possible leader of the world’s most powerful country has very worrying views on women – on everything – we learn the future of this country is in the hands of teenagers like Ryan Williams.

A young man and self-branded ‘meninist’, Ryan has shared his worrying views via social media that tampons are a luxury item and women should, ahem, ‘control their bladders’.

Yes, really.

All of which is a terrible indictment of Britain, of its education system and not a little concerning that our land will shortly be led by some of his generation.

If it isn’t bad enough that this 19-year-old believes women should ‘hold in’ their periods, we have additionally learned he has a girlfriend.

Which means a woman, somewhere, has accepted his self-important tripe and biological confusion.

Which probably means there is no hope for humankind, whatsoever.

Oh, how we laugh at the millions of Americans wanting a president who calls women ‘pieces of ass’ and wouldn’t dream of gifting his wife ‘negotiable assets’.

We should have looked closer to home for baffling ignorance wrapped up in self-importance shared under the justification of ‘freedom of speech’ via the unfiltered channels of social media.

Of course, Ryan is simply one 19-year-old, and I’d like to think most of his peers have a better handle on the basic make-up of female anatomy and would form more reasoned and informed views on women.

Most 12-year-olds, in fact.

But it is the Ryans of this world that are making their voices heard unfettered.

His story has already appeared across the world and he is crowdfunding for his campaign #stoptheblob (again yes, really).

It is new adults like him who could potentially undo the work to promote the fact that every single one of us – male, female, transgender, white, black, rich, poor or anything else – simply deserve a fair shot at life.

And this equality can come down to the little things, like tax on tampons.

But while the Trumps of this world continue to provide a blueprint for the Ryans, those who fought for rights for the marginalised must be turning in their graves.

**This first appeared in titles including LEP HERE