LLO Podcast: Writer Elisabeth Carpenter explains how she became a published author

Elisabeth Carpenter succeeded where thousands failed and became a published author with her tense thrillers.

I chatted to writer Elisabeth, known as Libby, about her life, career and deadlines and talk writing tips as part of my radio show ‘Lie in with Nicola’ on Chorley 102.8FM

Libby, from Penwortham, Lancashire, UK,  landed  a two-book deal with one of the big five’ English-language publishing giants, Avon/HarperCollins and tell the story of her journey to publication.

For Libby, who was educated at Cardinal Newman College in Preston and UCLAN, this has not been a quick journey, having written four manuscripts prior to her debut novel.

99 Red Balloons, which is a tense psychological thriller with a killer twist, was an ebook best-seller and it brought her to the attention of publishers.

Her next release  is called Only a Mother and will be released on December 27.

*This is my first ever attempt at editing a  podcast so bear with me!


This podcast was recorded at Chorley 102.8FM as part of 'Lie in with Nicola'

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