Column: A Lotto decisions

We have all let ourselves dream. What WOULD we do if we were fortunate enough to scoop a lottery jackpot?

The immediate answers seem easy.

Give up work, go on holiday, share with family and friends.

A no brainer.

But is it that easy?

As I write this, a reporter is poised to attend a press conference for the latest lucky winners – in this case a couple from Morecambe – who have scooped a mighty £6m plus with a Lotto jackpot.

When you win it is clear – the first major decision is whether to go public or not.

There are arguments for both. Keeping a secret like that is not easy – once you have told a couple of family members word will sneak out somehow. and this particular couple have 15 grandchildren.

Standing in front of the press to talk about your planned world cruise gets all that out the way in one go.

Of course it depends on your family and friend set-up – and attitude – as to how the lottery win impacts your life from thereon in.

Some winners have squandered the lot, making themselves pretty miserable in the process.

But most, generally from the older generations, are pretty prosaic about it – taking advice on board, using the money wisely to fulfil their dreams yet sharing with those they love and care about.

It goes without saying that there will be some resentment and there will be some begging.

Human nature is tuned to jealousy however deserving the winner.

The reality – we all wish it was us.

And why not. In our materialistic society money is closely linked – however misguidedly – to happiness. So we all want to win.

None of us know quite how we would react in the circumstances; yes, we would shoot off to the Caribbean, yes we would buy a mansion, yes, we would but our family gifts and a nice car. Then what?

However much we resent it on a day to day basis, work shapes our days and weeks and some of us even enjoy it.

So what would I do if I won?

Hand my notice in of course. I’m only human!

This first appeared in the Lancaster Guardian. Click HERE