Remembering mum

 Anne Adam ( My mum)  
Anne Adam ( My mum)  

Ten years ago today my lovely mum Anne Adam said her final goodbye after a remarkably tenacious battle with breast cancer diagnosed at the same age I am now.

During that time she earned a second degree (French), saw her three young children,  Greg Adam, Jenny Williams, and I into adulthood and supported my dad, while enduring surgery and treatment.  

When it returned to her spine and was diagnosed as terminal she battled on regardless,  agreeing to experimental surgery, learning to paint and continuing to fight for life – astonishing doctors by living for years.

Time was the gift and in the past 10 years, medical research has improved in such leaps and bounds that more and more women diagnosed with this disease are being given just that – time.

Let’s hope we can work toward eradicating this disease in all its forms forever but until then, money equals research equals time. So do all you can. 

And mum, we love you. 



 My mum and dad in their wedding day
My mum and dad in their wedding day

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