Shows and knickers

Because I am the Queen and indeed President of prevarication, I have read a lot this week. I always read when I have million other things to do – it makes me forget about them if even for a short while.

So I have polished off two books, one of which is The wrong knickers; a decade of chaos by Bryony Gordon, a fellow British journalist and columnist who has aired her dirty laundry to hilarious effect.

Read my review HERE

In between taking my car to the garage ( why is it making that NOISE???) I have also written my column which you can check out HERE, on the subject of my love of theatre and all it’s eccentricities. 

Meanwhile it has been all about the training as I approach the Born Survivor 10k obstacle course event with trepidation. It is knowing that our team have raised almost £30,000 for St John’s Hospice that is keeping me going. I mean, I even got up to train at boot camp on Sunday morning…Madness!! But at least the sun was out!

 Born Survivor boot camp for the Born Heroes team
Born Survivor boot camp for the Born Heroes team

Catch up soon, JJ


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