Born Heroics

It all seemed such a good idea a few months ago. Now reality is looming.. 

I have signed up to do a 10k military style obstacle course called Born Survivor in early April, as part of team Born Heroes. This is the second time I have done the event – as it is all to raise money for The #saveourhospice appeal which I launched in both the newspapers last year. 


 It's a slightly cold and muddy affair. Here I am in last year's Born Survivor (looking at camera)  
It’s a slightly cold and muddy affair. Here I am in last year’s Born Survivor (looking at camera)  

This year, working alongside Lancaster gym Fitness Formation, Born Survivor and – of course- St John’s Hospice, Lancaster, we aim to get the biggest team possible together and raise a huge chunk of cash for the hospice in the process. This is genuinely close to my heart as I lost my mum to cancer far too young and she got hospice help – I want future generations in Lancaster to have help too.

 Cold water and barbed wire. Lovely.  
Cold water and barbed wire. Lovely.  

So I am doing as much training as possible though I’m well aware I’m in worse shape than last year (eek) and have yet to tackle my diet ( still crisp heavy) I’m not doing very well on the sponsors either so if you are feeling generous… Here is the link..




But what I would mainly love is for anybody with an ounce of fitness to sign up! It is genuinely a blast , a team event – you literally can’t get over get obstacles without each other. Get signed up – but make sure it’s in the Born Heroes team! 


See you there! JJ x


 In training..  
In training..  

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