Nah, nah, nah na na nah…

That song is in my head.. Yay I’ve made it to Philadephia airport where they have let me in the country and are now baffling me with all the high calorie food choices on offer. Which are all tempting after awful food on the US airways flight ( soggy yet tough Thai green chicken curry anyone?) although the flight was quite entertaining if just for the interaction between cabin flight staff. Particularly during light-gate when someone switched the lights on then off again and the were basically conducting the service in the dark – apart from one flight attendant who quite rightly refused. Was like watching a US sit-com.  The lights went on and off again several times in succession.

Really smooth trip through security customs and baggage claim. Although I had to reclaim baggage and then recheck it which was weird but I guess it’s a security measure.  I then got the bus to this terminal where I have four hours to kill before my flight. Luckily there is free WiFi so big tick to Philadephia Airport for that – and it’s not restricted to one hour like at Manchester. Although I suspect my batteries won’t last four hours. Im hoping they might have one of those free charging points.

I have to admit I am concerned that my suitcase might not make it to my flight tonight at smoothly, I noticed there was an earlier one to same destination and I’m hoping it doesn’t end up on that. 

Anyway, I’m off to find out what a Sofrita is at Chipotle. I’m waiting for the queue to go so they can explain..

Next stop Roanoke, Virginia. 



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