Hoorah for Costa!

I’ve actually made it to the airport through traffic round Manchester, navigated security (no queue though I virtually had to strip naked.) Think staff were bored.  75 mins till boarding and I’m stuck in terminal three, the most rubbish terminal without a doubt. The shop selection here is pretty pants – a WHSmith, Swatch, airport shop and Accessorise is basically it and took five minutes to peruse. However, on the plus side, I am safely sequestered in Costa – which makes everything alright again. Particularly compared to my last time at this terminal – when the queue was a mile long. Thank goodness for skinny lattes. So next I’m Philadelphia bound for the first leg of my trip. Hoping for a nice modern plane but I’m pretty happy as long as it’s a safe journey. 

Ive already managed to bump into a camera crew – think media gravitate together like moths. They are off to an exciting assignment in Philly, felt quite jealous which is ridiculous as I’m actually on holiday – no work required! 

I’ll check in at the other side of the Atlantic. JJ


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