10 books and author podcasts you will love (with links)

10 book and author podcasts you will love

If you are not actually reading or writing or – like me – need a hands-free distraction while doing boring jobs then a bookish podcast is perfect.

You listen when you like, to what you like, and what’s fabulous about podcasts is they are free and often feature access to more authors and writing types than you can shake a stick at – which is great news for book-lovers and writers looking for inspo.

Some book pods are super intense for those who prefer a literary discussion while many are just informative and fun and take life less seriously.

So here are 10 of my recommendations to choose from – they are all available via various pod providers ( not just the one I have linked to) and did I mention FREE.

I talk books on my website regularly – check it out HERE

1.The Guardian books podcast
Billed as a weekly look at the world of books and aimed at writers and readers, this pod is presented by Claire Armistead, Richard Lea and Sian Cain and includes in-depth interviews with authors from all over the world, discussions  and investigations. Check it out HERE on the Guardian website.

2. You’re booked
Daisy Buchanon has appointed herself the ‘Book Inspector’ and this podcast sees guests snooping about the shelves of authors and not taking it all too seriously. Guests have varied from Sara Pascoe to Louise Doughty. I’ve linked it HERE in Acast

3.The Penguin Podcast
Not actually a podcast about penguins, although that sounds more than cute, the Penguin (Books UK) podcast features conversations with leading authors and creative thinkers – guests bring to the interview a handful of objects that have inspired their work. HERE via Apple podcasts

4. A stab in the dark
Very much up my street as a former crime reporter and lover of crime fiction, here best-selling author Mark presents an in-depth look at the very best super-sleuths from literature and television. Guests from the worlds of TV and books discuss the inner workings of crime fiction and crime drama. Podcast by UKTV HERE linked in Acast.

5. BBC Radio 4’s Open Book
This focuses on new fiction and non-fiction books, talking to authors and publishers and unearthing lost classics HERE via BBC

6. Between the covers
Our first US contender, this is a pod for serious readers who enjoy serious long-form discussion and features an author interview each month. Hosted by David Naimon, it is produced by Tin House and KBOO 90.7FM community radio in Portland, Oregon. HERE

7. Dear book nerd
This bookish podcast offers advice on all things life, love and literature. One episode focused on preferring books over people so it has my vote. HERE

8. Literary friction
Hosted by friends Carrie Plitt, a literary agent, and Octavia Bright, a writer and academic, this is a lively discussion about books and featuring a guest author – the show is built around different themes every month. HERE

9. My Imaginary Friends with L Penelope
Tips on writing and book creation are included in the weekly bookish feast fantasy and paranormal romance author L. Penelope which is a behind the scenes look at the journey of a working author navigating traditional and self-publishing. HERE via Podbean

10. Read or dead
Everything mystery or thriller with Kate and Rincey in this bi-weekly mystery fiction podcast dedicated to the worlds of mystery and thriller literature. HERE

I chat books on my website regularly – check it out HERE

Not sponsored or affiliated in any way. These are just my choices.

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